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Case Studies
MVI Marketing (Telephony-based application)

MVI is a travel incentive company that issues vacation certificates and processes large volumes of reservation registrations. In MVI’s original business model, the vacation certificate holder was required to call MVI and leave a voicemail message with their name and mailing information. MVI’s data entry personnel listened to each voicemail and entered the information into their in-house database application. This application would print out vacation planning kits to be mailed to the certificate holder. When MVI started getting 10,000 registrations a month, this processing method became very costly.

INNTEC developed a telephony-based application that allows the certificate holder to register through an interactive phone application or a web page. Customers call a toll-free number and the system collects the caller ID and address information from the phone company. Customers confirm this information and enter their certificate number and code. Alternately, the Web site has a form for customers to fill out with the same information. Both the automated call center and the Web site store the data in the same database. MVI’s in-house database is integrated with the telephone and Web collection application, greatly simplifying the process so that MVI can can print and send planning kits on a daily basis. This has saved them roughly 640 man-hours a month.

Inntec is currently expanding MVI’s capability so that the user can view and print out their vacation planning kit from the Web after they register. This will save MVI more employee time as well as $3500 a month in postage.