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Case Studies
Computhon (Internet-based fundraising tracking system)

Computhon is a fundraising distributor that organizes and supplies schools and civic fundraisers with products. Inntec developed an Internet-based application for Computhon that streamlines the fundraising event management, allowing customers to use and resell their fundraising products. This application allows Computhon employees to enter all of the products, student names, and sales for each student.

Once the data has been entered, schools or organizations receive reports, daily deposit slips for orders entered, and student pack lists (grocery lists) to fill orders when the products arrive at the school. This saves the fundraising chairman a tremendous amount of time that traditionally required hand-counting or some independent system of tallying orders. Computhon has been so pleased with this application that they are marketing it to other fundraiser distributors as a membership-based online service.

The system has an interface for schools, the fundraising distributor, the administrator (our customer). It also has a report interface for the product supplier (companies that actually supply the candies or other fundraising products).