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Internet-based applications
Internet-based Applications
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VoiceXML application
VoiceXML application
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Inntec has innovative resources and tools to create 24/7 high-demand, Internet-based solutions for your business. "See some of the tools we've developed for other companies here.")

Exponentially increase information sharing with these flexible and robust applications that can be accessed from anywhere you happen to be.

What is an Internet-based application?
Simply put, an Internet-based application is a live application that resides on an Internet server. It can be accessed from any device capable of connecting to the Internet, including PCs, laptops, PDAs, and Tablets. Internet-based applications work through all common Internet connections including high-speed, dial-up, wireless, or satellite link.
Comparing standard client-based 'box' applications with Internet-based applications

Traditional client-based applications are standard “boxed” software that can be purchased online or at the store and then installed on your PC or on multiple PCs that are networked or set up in a “client/server” environment. While businesses can implement these applications to provide networked access to information, or to integrate various forms of collected data from different sources, there are some common problems in using “box” applications.

When using “box” applications, the company is left with the task of figuring out how to implement the software so that it will be effective for the business without overlooking any important data. Many of these programs either do not effectively centralize data. Those that do may experience complications since the data is stored on specific computers, making the mobility of data more complex.

Even if these tasks are accomplished, they may be interrupted if there are any hard drive complications. As time goes on, adding hardware or software, or changing the operating environment on a computer within the system can cause client-based applications to break or operate inefficiently. How many times have you received the dreaded error message when installing your existing software on a new PC that is on a different version of Windows? What about slow downs or crashes when you update Windows? Client-based programs rely on the user’s PC to load the program and do all of the processing. This is why, when you pay for client-based software applications, 80% of your money goes toward the anticipated customer service support you will require to address these problems.

An Internet-based application differs from client-based applications because it utilizes a Web server to load, run, and do the majority of the processing. There is nothing to install on the user’s PC other than a Web browser, which most people already use for regular Internet activities. Using this browser, the user’s PC only needs a connection to the Internet to run the software. Today’s technology and platforms allow Internet-based applications to run just as fast if not faster than client-based applications while bypassing many of the disadvantages of client-based applications.

How Internet-based applications work

Internet-based applications reside on a Web server rather than on your computer’s hard drive. Much like entering a bank or travel Web site, Internet-based applications are accessed by entering a location in the address bar of your Web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox, for instance), or by clicking on a shortcut on your Desktop. Your Web browser makes contact with the web server and asks it only for the parts of the application that it needs at the time. The Web server keeps track of who is asking for what, and provides the appropriate application interface. As long as you have sufficient bandwidth, your Internet-based application can service an unlimited number of users around the world.

Since the application is installed on a Web server rather than on your PC, you can access it from any computer, all you need is an Internet connection. Whether you’re having a latte at the coffee shop or waiting for your plane to board, you can retrieve and access the same data as your coworkers using a laptop, PDA, phone, or other mobile device with Internet capabilities. Citrix and Terminal Services sessions are a thing of the past as Internet Explorer manages your user sessions.

Working alongside the Web server are other computers that help the Web server do its job. Innovative Technologies uses a Tier 3 data center located in the heart of downtown Tampa to host our servers. This data center has multiple redundant connections to the Internet and 24/7/365 service, which allows Inntec to provide industry-leading availability.