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Case Studies
Tap Technologies (Internet-based scheduling application)

This company cleans and services all beer dispensing mechanisms in every establishment that serves tap beer. The work is contracted through the major beer distributors. In an average-sized city, thousands of restaurants, bars, and entertainment facilities require this service, employing up to 20 full-time technicians.

Inntec has developed an Internet-based application that allows the technicians to access the Web and print out their daily route sheet with the establishments that are due for scheduled service. After servicing the route they can enter the results (number of taps and beer type) for each establishment serviced. The next scheduled service would appear on the daily route sheet when the cycle repeated.

Along with streamlining the schedule routes, Tap Technologies can now provide their customers (the beer distributors) with valuable data such as the last date of service for any establishment receiving service, and the total number of beer brand taps in a given market area. Each customer’s service data is kept secure, only displaying the data that is associated with the beers they distribute. The increased capacity to coordinate has enabled Tap Technologies to expand so that it now services all of Florida, and is branching out into Georgia.