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Case Studies
Fairfield Resorts-Orlando, FL (Real time inbound call scoring, call center route scheduling)

Fairfield sells low cost vacation certificates as incentives. They target people most likely to sit through and possibly purchase a Timeshare program. Inntec developed a telephony-based vacation registration application where the recipient of the certificate calls in to activate their vacation.

This application collects the caller ID information along with the corresponding certificate number in code, and then stores it in a database for Fairfield to retrieve and fulfill on a daily basis. Fairfield has been using this application for three years. Inntec recently added functionality to do automatic real-time scoring based on the caller ID. real-time scoring rates callers on demographic characteristics that are believed to increase the caller’s likelihood of purchasing a timeshare.

When a caller fits the scoring profile, the call is routed directly to a live person. This allows Fairfield to talk to the high scorer where agents directly encouraged the caller to travel. The system also automatically and periodically calls back travelers that register to update them on Fairfield’s programs.