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Case Studies
Riverview Flower Farm (Internet-based pay-by-scan application)

Riverview Flower Farm (RFF) is a Florida-based grower that supplies Home Depot stores throughout the state. Inntec developed a dynamic availability and order processing system that has been in use for six years and has been highly robust and adaptive to RFF’s needs.

When Home Depot changed the way they do business with growers, it was a tremendous blow to the live goods industry. Businesses had to adapt to payment through Home Depot registers rather than being paid at the time of order. Home Depot also changed requirements so growers had to maintain and stock their own items within each store. In response to these changes, Inntec adapted RFF’s existing system to an Internet-based application.

The new system utilizes wireless PDA devices that capture real time store stocking quantities, inventory quantities and plant display photos. With this technology growers can intelligently replenish the stock for each store based on the real time data from PDAs and the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data that is received nightly from each of the Home Depot stores indicating the previous day sales. These changes allowed RFF to weather the transition smoothly. Inntec owns the copyright to the software and is currently marketing it to other growers with RFF’s endorsement. »