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Happy and pleased to do business with you...09-22-2003

Good Morning Deke, I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is Scott Leitch, I am the Communication Director here at Exsys Tool, Inc. We are here located at the moment in Tampa. Your company has done our ASP and Layout for our site. Which you probably already know anyway.

The reason for this email is regarding Brian Mackay. I have spoken with him on numerous occasions and we have been able to communicate very well, also he has been right on top of issues that we have as a company in retrospect to the back end of our site. I really look for key points when dealing with a company. Good Communication Skills, Customer Service and Overall Attitude. It's hard these days top find a company let alone a person that is ON TOP OF THEIR JOB, like Brian is.

I just wanted to let you know that I, myself and Exsys Tool, Inc.our happy and pleased to do business with you. Try and keep Brian around because he has qualities that many people are lacking today.Thank you for your time.
Scott Leitch
Communication Director

EXSYS TOOL, INC. 5146C West Cypress Street
Tampa, Florida 33607
PH: 800.340.9027
FX: 813.637.8065

The professionals at Inntec provide excellent customer service...01-15-2003

  Innovative Technologies has been providing Mini Vacations, Inc. with excellent web design and programming services since 1999 and has been an integral force in helping our company enter and excell in the e-commerce realm.

"Inntec" has a unique way of deciphering what it is that we want and creating software and Internet solutions tailored for our company's specific needs. The professionals at Inntec provide excellent customer service and respond to our questions in layman’s terms without being condescending -- which is very unique in this industry.

Inntec consistently meets or beats deadlines for our projects and they often add many extra features that we never even thought of, which increases the functionality of our websites. Inntec is always able to manage our multiple ongoing projects, even while our priorities are shifting on a regular basis.

Their devotion to excellence has lead to our steady growth in the Internet marketplace. We are absolutely delighted with the end products they produce and would recommend them to any type business.Cindy Willis
Director of Operations

Mini Vacations, Inc. 410 Ware Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33619
Phone: 813-621-1400