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Internet-based applications
Internet-based Applications
at Work (real examples)
VoiceXML application
VoiceXML application
(real examples)

Real Ecamples: VoiceXML application at Work

Travel Agency
Callers dial into an 800 number for a large travel agency call center. Around 20% of those callers are checking the status of their reservation. Rather than connecting callers to expensive call center agents or to a restrictive touch-tone application, the agency asks the callers to say or enter their reservation number. The system then queries the agency’s existing Web-based reservation database and receives XML instructions to inform the user of the reservation status.
Benefits: Direct reduction in call center costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Outbound Voice Surveys
A large fast-food restaurant chain notices a decline in sales. Rather than launching a slow and costly outbound survey with call-center agents, it uses an automated Voice Survey application that calls customers to ask opinions on new foods the chain plans to sell. When called, the restaurant’s customers can respond conversationally, saying things such as, "That sounds great" or "I wouldn't buy that." In less than 24 hours, the restaurant knows which of the new products its customers desire most.
Benefits: No expensive call center costs, rapid deployment, and easy integration.

Inbound Voice Surveys
A large fast-food restaurant chain has customer response cards at the dinning tables with free food incentives on them. Several steps must be completed to fulfill this feedback process – the customer must fill out the card and mail it to the main office. The office personnel must then enter the information into their database and mail the coupons back to the customer. A VoiceXML Survey would simplify the process, allowing the user to call into the system, enter the unique number on the customer response card, and answer the survey questions. The system would then queue the coupons to be mailed to the customer address obtained from the Caller ID (CID). This same survey could also be completed on the Internet.
Benefits: Direct reduction in reservation agent costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Service and Dispatch
A high-volume service maintenance company needs an efficient way to track real time service statuses, inventory, and completion times. In addition, they need to provide real time results and reporting to their clients. Rather than having expensive wireless laptops in the large fleet of service vehicles, cell phones can be used to interact with the database via a VoiceXML application. The service technician can simply speak his or her name and job number and get the status of the job, complete the job, check for any new jobs, or order inventory. The company’s clients can access the service results via the telephone or the company’s Web site.
Benefits: No expensive wireless laptops, provides real time data, no paper trail, provides a professional appearance to company’s client’s.

Online Vacation Registration
A vacation resort chain issues vacation vouchers to customers. Previous to automating, the customer must fill out the voucher with mailing address information along with the dates and location of the vacation and the mail it to the resort’s reservation center when he or she is ready to travel. The resort reservation agent would then enter the customer’s information and mail them a confirmation letter. Using a Voice XML application, the company now allows the customer to register via the Internet or over the telephone. The automated telephony IVR system uses the caller ID information to obtain the customer’s mailing address. It allows them to speak the destination and travel dates and verifies the room availability. A confirmation number is given to the customer, followed with a confirmation letter in the mail or e-mail that the system automatically generates.
Benefits: Direct reduction in reservation agent costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.